Saturday, October 23, 2010

No more "I's" in hymns

So often after partaking in the Lord's Supper whereby we admit and confess our sins, i.e, lit. "missing the mark" and receive the free grace of Jesus Christ by embracing His death for us we immediately follow with a hymn that denies our very need!!

Have you ever noticed the irony? Something like; " I will never let go of you Lord" "I love you completely"

If we loved him completely we would not have had to come to the Table in the first place, nor would never had to pour himself out nor give of his flesh in the first place.

So let's consider singing hymns that confess our brokenness and his forgiveness and the fact THAT HE WILL NEVER LET US GO, THAT HE WILL NEVER STOP LOVING US, even as we fall short of the mark every hour of every day.

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  1. Nice post presby Larry. I totally agree. One of my many failures when leading worship at iv was not choosing theologically strong songs -- too many Is