Saturday, February 2, 2013

A righteous boy was born the other day. He may not know it but he is seen by God as perfect in every way. When it's his time he may come kicking and screaming, but God always has his way. He took the Pharaoh down and raised Lazarus up, and neither asked His permission.

This child is not of the world but a child of God. His name is Judah, named after Christ the King, the "Lion of Judah". Although a great lion he demands his infants be brought to his throne for his blessing. And so it will be.


  1. God has visited and blessed our house! thank you Lord

  2. I read this post several days ago but am just getting to comment on it now. I teared up and am so thankful that Judah is surrounded by love and hope for salvation. You are right that God has visited and blessed our house, amen amen. Thank you for your post.

  3. Thank you for replying, I know you have been busy!Honestly that came to me as a lyric and had to run home and put it on paper. Presumption is faith outside the word of God and faith is a promise based on the word of God. I just made that up so copyright that.
    Christ makes it clear in the gospels what the greatest faith that he personally witnessed. It is about the Roman Centurion outside the Jewish faith, but perhaps a friend of the Jews. Nevertheless he had faith in Christ's ability to act from a distance as the Centurion insisted he heal his servant without visiting his house, this after Jesus offered!(Matt 8)In other words this soldier believed that Christ had power over the elements, something his Christ's own disciples refused to believe from time to time. If you think it through the Centurion may have believed the Jesus was God in the flesh: "Verily I say unto you, I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel"
    So we know what Christ exclaimed that this Roman soldier is the model for Christian faith. Can I then not claim that Christ would bless my child AFTER HE DEMANDED the disciples to bring the children to him?
    Do I believe in baptismal regeneration? What would the Centurion believe? What is faith and what is presumption? I believe God is pleased when we push the faith envelope as long as our faith is based on scripture and not presumption.