Thursday, February 7, 2013


I must admit that this is my favorite subject, i.e. making fun of those who think they make decisions with God.

I always thought this would make a great motion picture- the life of Lazarus before (JOHN 11)and after his being resurrected by Jesus who states emphatically he is doing this miracle so others may believe.

You know my theory that for the most part Jesus did not like miracles-they basically drained him and proved his divinity as he preferred to live a simple faithful life that He was the Son of God.

So picture the scene as Lazarus is raised and goes after Jesus...."What are you doing...I was in glory and you brought me back. "Send me back Jesus, send me back"!

Do you think Jesus asked Lazarus his preference or he did what would glorify God ?

Do you think he asks our permission whether we are to undergo a trial or a miracle?



  1. even so he still presents us with alternatives, do this and live, do this and die. and in the moment, the decisions we make certainly feel like ours. so even if there's not free will in the sense of everything is preordained (which i believe is the case), it certainly feels like free will. and since in almost everything we do not know the ultimate outcome and our (predetermined) choices affect what follows (also predetermined), it is as though we had free will.

  2. Yes but one has to be re-trained in that way of thinking otherwise there can be no peace. If I believe I have walked in God's predetermined way- even though I am in the desert, I can rest. If I believe I got there randomly there is no peace because it was my error that got me there. Watch for a coming post dealing with this subject.....thx for posting RGG